ECE2 The Second Paradigm Shift Chapter Five

Many thanks to Dave Burleigh, who has together my part of the first five chapters in the first item of “Other papers” in the publications section of Next weekend I plan to work on chapter six on the ECE2 vacuum. In the meantime I am continuing with notes for UFT363, on orbital effects of a fluid spacetime, vacuum, or aether. “ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift” is the monograph that sums up ECE2 theory to date, and the sequel to the high impact monograph “The Principles of ECE”

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On 12/6/2016 1:41 AM, EMyrone wrote:

OK many thanks, the file with formulae is attached, accompanied by the docx file.

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This is without formulas. Have you already put them in? Could you also send the docx file?

Thanks in advance, Horst

Am 05.12.2016 um 11:29 schrieb EMyrone:

This is my part of chapter five, indications are written in to Horst Eckardt’s important computations, tabular matter, graphics and energy level diagrams. This chapter replaces the A potential of the standard model by the ECE2 W vector potential, proportional to the spin curvature vector as in chapter three, and challenges the Dirac approximation in many ways. These spectra if observed would be of great practical utility. If not, the standard model relativistic quantum mechanics would have been refuted. All of this chapter has been checked by hand and by computer algebra, and this is true for all chapters.

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