Important Things in Science

These are the same as in the new theology in the time of my direct ancestor Caradog, King of the Silurians, two thousand years ago, purity of purpose and scholarship, in our case accurate comparison with data, and in our time, archiving and our own methods of distance teaching at the best universities and similar in the world. The result has been the complete rejection of ancient dogma. The naive standard modellers underestimate the intelligence of ordinary people. As we say in middle distance athletics, the opposition to the new science has been burned off, and physics will never be the same again. If things were left to the physics establishment one could win a five thousand metre race by fifty metres, and they would give the gold medal to the runner up, or the first string theorist to finish. We just do not take heed of things like that, and the latest UFT364 on the replication of the Ide circuit is already a great success. So congratulations once more to all staffs.

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