Wind 3.54%, 1 – 20 mph, Wales 2 – 12 mph, 0726 local time

The wind speed now in the area of the Betws turbines is 3 mph according to the met office wind map, directed to the south west. This is nowhere near enough to start the giant turbines, (7 – 9 mph to start them). So in winter they are as useless as in summer. Winds are no stronger in winter than in summer. Energy from spacetime (ES) power stations are feasible with the remarkably precise replication this week of the pioneering circuit by the AIAS / UPITEC group. International interest is building up in this already (UFT364 on , its precise theoretical explanation from the internationally renowned Einstein Cartan Evans theory is archived in UFT311). Wind turbines are a primitive throwback – my early morning work on this blog shows clearly that they are completely useless in Wales. They do not save on emissions. Welsh Assembly Ministers have no knowledge of science and just read out a script. Their advisors are part of the wind industry’s capitalist cabal and lobbying machine. Many turbines were thrown up for money (subsidies), decimating planning rules and ignoring objections, all for no purpose at all. ES power stations can be miniaturized, would be very economical, and would eventually make all pother forms of electric generation obsolete. They could be used anywhere and on any scale, from powering a calculator to a full scale array of power stations. That is a bright future given an imaginative government. “A people gets the government it deserves”.

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