Plans for Work over the Next Few Days

I intend to develop UFT362 and over the weekend begin work on chapter 4 of “ECE: The Second Paradigm Shift”, which is planned to be a synopsis of UFT320 to UFT328, mainly on ECE2 covariance, Lorentz force equation, quantization and orbital theory. Chapter five will be a synopsis of UFT342 to UFT348, which are on precessions in ECE2 orbital theory. Chapter six will be on UFT329 – UFT335, on new types of spectroscopy and new fundamental tests of quantum theory. This plan is a departure from the original introduction, which will be adjusted slightly in due course to make the book consistent. Chapter 7 will be on UFT336 – 341 on vacuum theory and the GASER (gravitational amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). Chapter 8 will be on applications to ECE2 fluid dynamics and triple unification (UFT349 to present). Chapter 9 is pencilled in for advances in energy from spacetime and LENR (Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom), and Chapter ten is pencilled in for criticism of the standard model of gravitation by Stephen Crothers. The internationally well known scientometrics show that the most popular groupings of ECE2 papers are UFT320 to UFT328 and UFT349 to UFT361, the latest ECE2 papers being the most popular. However I do not go on popularity, pleasing as it is, but on my own judgement. It is pleasing to see that all forty seven ECE2 papers to date are being read avidly around the world. We can all see that this is true of all items on and , a great achievement by AIAS / UIPTEC by any historical measure.

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