UFT88 Read at the University of Waterloo Canada

Waterloo is ranked 113 in the world by Webometrics, 173 by Times, 201 – 300 by Shanghai and 152 by QS. It has 35,900 students and was founded in 1957. So it is a world ranking university. UFT88 has been developed in several UFT papers and books and is an internationally acknowledged and definitive refutation of the Einstein field equation. Its final form is UFT313, the JCE and BCE Identities of geometry. They are described in “ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift” (in prep.) in the publication section of www.aias.us, the sequel to “The Principles of ECE”. So the world of physics is split into ECE and the standard model. UFT88 has made a phenomenal impact (as has all our work on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org) and is being intensely studied at several hundred of the world’s best universities. I can only record the peak of this Everest of interest through URL’s I can identify (about 2%). The other 98% comes from private computers which I cannot identify. So there isa profound paradigm shift in physics. The standard model protagonists are being rejected out of hand by the younger generation, as always happens in any vigorous subject. They continue to charge huge university fees and to lock out real talent. They are countered with the knowledge revolution. No one should be charged huge fees for knowledge. It is in the urgent interests of society to make education of the highest standard available to all who wish to learn and can learn. This is what we do at AIAS / UPITEC.

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