361(6): The Acceleration in Dynamics as a Cartan / Lagrange Derivative

This note is a direct consequence of the unification of dynamics and fluid dynamics by ECE2 unified field theory. This unification regards spacetime as a fluid. The acceleration of classical dynamics becomes the acceleration of fluid dynamics, defined as in Eq. (5). This inference leads to the Cartan covariant derivatives (6) and (7), combined in the matrix equation (8) which defines the spin connection matrix. The Cartan Lagrange definition of acceleration leads to the new fundamental accelerations (12) which can be thought of as originating in velocity being considered as the velocity field v(t, r(t), theta(t)), rather than the usual v(t) of classical dynamics and orbital theory. These new accelerations generalize the 1835 inference by Coriolis. The conditions under which the new dynamics reduce to the old dynamics are defined. I will now proceed to writing up sections 1 and 2 of UFT361. Therefore in this new theory an orbit becomes a property of fluid dynamics, spacetime, or the vacuum or the aether becomes a fluid, and not “nothingness” as Newton would have thought.


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