FOR POSTING: ECE2 The Second Paradigm Shift, Chapter Two

This is my contribution to chapter two, consisting of a review of UFT313 and UFT314. The rest of chapter two is pencilled in for a review of UFT354 by book co authors Doug Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt. These are three important papers on the effect of torsion on Riemannian geometry and on the second Bianchi identity, a subject initiated in the classic UFT88, read tens of thousands of time in several hundred of the world’s best universities since it was published in 2007. The entire subject of Einsteinian general relativity is based on the famous second Bianchi identity of 1902. This chapter corrects it for torsion and introduces the use of four new fundamental identities of all geometry:
1) The Jacobi Cartan Evans identity.
2) The Bianchi Cartan Evans identity.
3) The first Evans torsion identity.
4) The second Evans torsion identity.
These were of course unknown to Bianchi and Einstein, and also to Cartan. They were discovered during the development of the UFT series. UFT354 shows that torsion completely changes the relation between metric and connection used in early Riemennian geometry and used uncritically during the entire twentieth century. UFT354 is mainly the work of Doug Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt with some suggestions from myself. Obviously these leading scholars have developed a complete grasp of the ECE and ECE2 physics and are able to develop it themselves. The Eckardt / Lindstrom series of papers also shows that they are fully fledged experts.

ECE The Second Paradigm Shift Chapter Two.pdf

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