Spanish Version of UFT360

Many thanks again! this paper shows signs of being a classic, it is already the most read paper of the ECE2 series, on the generally covariant inverse square law of any orbit in two or three dimensions. The original inverse square law was inferred by Robert Hooke of Trinity College Oxford, but this was done intuitively. The inverse square law was developed from 1665 to 1687 by Isaac Newton of Trinity College Cambridge, but Newton had no firm idea of the forces usually attributed to Coriolis in 1835. These were actually inferred intuitively in 1651 by Riccioli and Grimaldi, then by Laplace in 1778. The modern form was inferred by Coriolis in 1835. Many UFT papers have been dedicated to this subject. The original inference by Hooke is described by my ancestral cousin John Aubrey in the online “Brief Lives”, so anyone can read the account by Aubrey, who also worked at Oxford, and was elected F. R. S. John Aubrey’s collected papers are in the Bodleian Library Oxford. There is no excuse to attribute the discovery of the inverse square law to Isaac Newton. The latter developed the algebra needed to describe the inverse square law. In UFT361 I am working on the generalization of the plane polar coordinate system by use of the new subject of fluid gravitation. This has resulted in the discovery of new orbital forces. This is work in progress.

Sent: 03/11/2016 16:06:25 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Spanish version of UFT 360

Hello Dave

Please find enclosed the Spanish version of UFT 360, for posting.




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