FOR POSTING: Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to October 2016

For combined sites and for October 2016 there were 143,109 hits (files downloaded), 29.528 gigabytes downloaded and 26,379 distinct visits. There were 3,194 documents read off from 115 countries, led by USA, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Britain, Australia, Canada, ….. All UFT papers were read, the top sixty two each being read over fifty times, the top five each being read over a hundred times. The top paper was the classic UFT177 on the discovery of the force equation of quantum mechanics, the latest UFT349 ff. on triple unification all being very popular. The quality of the university readership was very high as usual. With * denoting repeat or multiple readings, there were visits from fourteen of the world’s top twenty universities: Berkeley*, Cornell, Penn State*, Texas A and M*, UCLA, Washington*, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Stanford, Caltech (its NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.), ETH Zuerich, Cambridge* and University College London. The other universities were almost all of exceptionally high quality. The recorded visits constitute only about 2% of the vast total. This means that thousands of staff and students study the combined sites every month from the best universities, institute and similar in the world. This has been going on for twelve years so will go on indefinitely, and signals a complete acceptance among the colleagues worldwide of the ECE and ECE2 paradigm shifts and our development of new sources of energy that can replace wind turbines. Conversely, there is almost a complete rejection of the bad parts of the obsolete physics, its ideas, publication methods and teaching methods. It censorship of new ideas has been outflanked, and in reality there is no longer any dogmatic opposition to the paradigm shifts. So many congratulations to all staffs!


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