ECE2 book Chapter One in “Other Papers” of the Publications Section

Many thanks again. For the readership this is chapter one of “ECE: The Second Paradigm Shift”. I will create zipped files as the subsequent chapters are written, starting with chapter two (UFT313, UFT314 and UFT354 to be written by Douglas Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt.)

Sent: 04/11/2016 16:12:51 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Plans for writing the ECE2 book

Posted today to Pubs as ECE2 The Second Paradigm Shift.pdf. Appreciate it if you name the new versions as this.


On 11/3/2016 8:03 AM, EMyrone wrote:

I plan to write it on weekends as for the autobiography volumes one and two, and on weekdays write new notes and papers. I also want to work on my third book of poetry and prose poetry in both languages. I may experiment with writing in my own Silurian dialect, distinctly different from classical Welsh. I think that a good title would be “ECE2: The Second Paradigm Shift”, subtitled “The Unified Field Equations of Gravitation, Electrodynamics and Fluid Dynamics”. I estimate that it will take a few months to complete my part of the book.

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