FOR POSTING: Section 3 of paper 359

The graphics in this section are as usual very helpful incisive, and show how the new law of fluid gravitation works. In addition to the previously distributed gnuplot graphics, of great interest in themselves, there are excellent new graphics of X and Y which define the moving frame of reference (moving coordinate system if you like) of the Lagrange or convective deivative:

F = mg = m (v dot del)v

where v is the orbital velocity. It is seen that the frame is dynamic, because X and Y depend on time, and is the moving frame of reference for the static elliptical orbit first analysed by Kepler using data by Brahe. These were Imperial Mathematici to the court in Prague, (Civil List Pensioners if you like). Hooke was the first to infer the inverse square law for the ellipse, and not Newton. Aubrey makes this perfectly clear in “Brief Lives”. Newton was the first to prove that the inverse square law gives the elliptical orbit. In UFT359 and UFT360 a completely new inverse square law is inferred, valid for all orbits, not just the ellipse. This is a law of ECE2 generally covariant unified field theory. All of this analysis is immediately applicable to electrostatics and the Coulombic inverse square law.

Sent: 27/10/2016 22:40:08 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Section 3 of paper 359

I wrote a text describing the figures and have added two figures for the
elliptical orbits. This section should be finished now.



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