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The text book would be very important in my opinion and as usual as much time should be taken as needed. The details of each project will work themselves out as we go along. I can start with the introductory chapter, mainly in scientific prose without equations, then proceed to UFT313 and UFT314 for the second chapter. That should occupy the time until the start of next year, then Doug Lindstrom and Horst Eckardt can add to chapter two with UFT354, which completely changes the geometry used by Einstein. Then I can continue with the chapters and material added to my part by other authors. The typesetters which eventually set the first book were very accurate. If Osamu Ide agrees to be co author a great deal of circuit detail could be given, along with the ECE2 theory of the results. As you know it is ultra important to find accurate typesetters. A bad typesetter can make a complete mess of a paper. The readership does not mind hand written equations at all, but I agree that a typeset version is best, together with a good publisher on high quality paper.

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Writing a second book is a good idea, there is plenty of material. Besides this I am working on a text book, this would well complement this series. I am not sure if it is desirable to concentrate graphics and animations in a separate chapter but this can be decided on later.
Before starting we should have an idea about the typesetting and preparational work. It would not be good if this takes another two years as for ECE-1.
Currently there is rapid development in serveral projects I am involved in which take a lot of my time. It would be good not to start the book before beginning of next year.


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I have sketched out the plans, the same four authors pencilled in, and twelve chapters, one dedicated completely to collected graphics and animations. The chapter on LENR is planned to incorporate the latest report by Doug Lindstrom, applying ECE2 to LENR, and the chapter on ES (Energy from Spacetime) is planned to contain a lot of circuitry and applications of ECE2. Osamu Ide is invited as fifth co author if he agrees, in order to include his latest advances and his latest replicated circuitry. ES is centre stage now, so this chapter is timely. LENR has been centre stage for a quarter century. I listed out the forty five relevant papers to date with some measure of how many times read. Full details of how many times read are available in hundreds of early morning reports. I do not measure the importance of a paper on how many times read alone, there are many other factors to be considered. We all know that the popularity of every single item on the combined sites is astounding ( and

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