Monograph on the Evans / Morris Effects

This should be considered at some time ahead, with four authros Gareth Evans, Trevor Morris, Horst Eckardt and myself. The Evans / Morris papers are an outstanding success open source. My current calibration of them is 33 readings a day each from This calibration is used in the early morning reports. Trevor Morris cannot read or write, because of dyslexia, but is a very capable, highly intelligent experimentalist. After retirement Gareth Evans should have the time to write part of this monograph in his own words as co discoverer of the effects. GJE’s career was destroyed by widely acknowledged grotesque corruption (Auto Two), but after retirement he will have the time to be an author again. Some academics retire as soon as they get tenure (a saying of my Ph. D. supervisor, Professor Emeritus Mansel Davies, who was a friend of Linus Pauling, Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley and others). MMD was one of those who advocated B(3) for a Nobel Prize, but he described the process to me in private as “a club like any other”. Who am I to argue with that? In any case who would join a club that took people like me? (Professor Emeritus Groucho Marx of New York City).

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