Principles of ECE2

There are now forty five source papers available for ECE2, with forty two translations to date. They are all being studied avidly off combined sites, the latest one on triple unification being the most popular. So I think it is time to begin planning this book, starting with UFT313. The triple unification is that of gravitation, electrodynamics and fluid dynamics, three large subject areas of physics and engineering. Also, the Evans / Morris series deserves to be reviewed. It is also very popular. Textbooks are needed on ECE and ECE2, together with manuals for engineers. Since ECE was first written in 2014, there has been a tremendous advance. This can be seen by looking up the Wayback Machine In Feb. 2014 there were 259 UFT papers, now there are 359 UFT papers. So The Principles of ECE does not contain anything about the Evans / Morris papers or the ECE2 papers. Triple unification is very powerful and will spark off in all directions. The applications of ECE to LENR and the Osamu Ide circuit are very important for engineering, so engineering manuals are needed.

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