360(5): The Generally Covariant Inverse Square Law

This is a result of triple unification in ECE2 theory, and is given in Eq. (3). It can be expressed as Eq. (12). The Hooke Newton inverse square law is Eq. (16), and is galilean covariant and not generally covariant: neither is it part of a unified field theory. The generally covariant acceleration due to gravity for an elliptical orbit is Eq. (7); for a spiral galaxy it is Eq. ((21), and for a precessing ellipse it is Eq. (26). Therefore all orbits can be described by Eq. (3). Eq. (3) is accompanied by a charge, del g, and a mass current J, defined in ECE2 fluid dynamics, a unification of Kambe fluid dynamics with both gravitation and electrodynamics.


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