UFT88 Read at Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud is ranked 258 in the world by Webometrics, 121 by Times, 101-150 by Shanghai and 156 by QS. It is therefore a high ranking university. It has 19,904 students and was founded in 1923 as a Catholic University. The University of Nijmegen was originally founded in 1655, the oldest city in the Netherlands. UFT88 is the by now famous refutation of the Einstein theory of general relativity using torsion. In the past two years UFT88 has been read at about two hundred and fifty of the world’s best universities, a list has been given on this blog. There has been no objection to the paper, or indeed any UFT paper, for about a decade. UFT88 should be read with UFT99 (and its notes), UFT109, UFT313 and UFT354, together with the latest papers on fluid electrodynamics and fluid gravitation. Radboud has an interesting coat of arms, made by the Brom family goldsmith in Utrecht, its upper half is the arms of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands, it has a dove as the symbol of the Holy Spirit, and it is surmounted by the crown of Charlemagne. In 1923, Catholics were discriminated against by the Calvinists, by now there is hopefully an ecumenical toleration, in physics as well as religion.

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