360(3): Fluid Gravitational Force Law for a Whirlpool Galaxy

The general 3D force law of fluid dynamics, Eq. (1), reduces to the planar Eq. (2), where X and Y are described by Eqs. (4) and (5) in plane polar coordinates. For the hyperbolic spiral orbit these are given by Eqs. (14) and (15), which can be graphed and analyzed numerically. The force law of fluid gravitation is generally covariant and can describe any observable orbit. It is a geometrically correct theory of general relativity. The first two examples worked out so far are the conic section orbits (e.g. the ellipse) and the hyperbolic spiral orbit. The next example will be the precessing ellipse, the orbit of a planet for example. This is also described by Eq. (1). The hugely elaborate and incorrect Einstein theory is replaced by a far simpler and more powerful equation based on Cartan geometry with torsion – part of ECE2 generally covariant unified field theory. There is obviously no further need for “dark matter” or for the Einstein theory, which is completely incorrect in a whirlpool galaxy (see “The Principles of ECE”). The Newton theory is Galilean covariant and not generally covariant.


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