Quantization of the New Subject Areas

Seconded, I will think about this after writing up UFT359. The early morning reports are encouraging in that they show that the latest ECE2 papers are generating great interest (fluid electrodynamics and fluid gravitation). A by product of UFT359 is a completely new and unexpected insight to planar orbital theory for all orbits. In Baconian science and engineering the mathematics must always be kept under control and comparison with experimental data must always be made, and by Ockham’s Razor the theory must be kept simple, or as simple as possible. Very often the standard model forgets these rules completely and goes into wild Rococo. The best theory is like classical Baroque, strictly controlled rules of music. The overall aim of the work is to simulate the circuits by Osamu Ide, but it has developed sparks in all directions – spin offs of new ideas. In pure mathematics the mathematical developments are valid in themselves. UFT311 gives a prefect description of the Osamu Ide circuits using the spin connection of ECE theory. That is enough to show that the ECE theory is preferred to the standard model of physics, which has no explanation for the Osamu Ide circuits. These are of great importance for new energy.

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thanks for these encouraging words. So far we do not have an extension to microscopic quantum theory, but Myron says that this is possible, probably a big piece of work.


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It seems like we’re getting close to where we can rewrite all atomic particle physics equations and create a new unified model of the atom that includes gravity and all the new fluid dynamics that compose a molecule which must be much more complex that previously understood. This will open up lots of possibilities for new materials as well as technologies to use the new metamaterials to solve engineering challenges such as energy extraction and many other science fiction technologies become possible as our models improve.

I think a great vision for developing this science and computer models and books is to be able to accurately simulate on a super computer all the interactions between particles, fields and potentials within an atom and eventually a molecule, materials and chemistry that recreates all the dynamics and statics in play not just a convenient subset of what is actually happening.

You guys are laying the foundation, hopefully others will be able to follow and build on your work to advance technology solutions to real world problems of which there are many.


On October 17, 2016 at 9:44:15 AM, emyrone (emyrone) wrote:

Agreed, progress is being archived both sides of the Atlantic, so there are two main schools of physics, standard model and ECE, and two systems of physics teaching. There are many other smaller schools of thought.

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This will be another very important future development under the ECE2 theory umbrella extending consistency to these fields and dispelling more myths.

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