359(6): Summary of Solutions Found by Dr. Horst Eckardt

These are summarized in this note, the familiar Newtonian gravitational field generates a whole variety of vacuum or spacetime quantities in the subject of fluid gravitation: the velocity field components; the vacuum g sub F components (the convective derivative of v sub F; the vacuum Kambe charges (the divergences of the g sub F), the vacuum vorticities and the vacuum current (43). It would be interesting to work out the latter by computer algebra and graph it. The vacuum current resembles some aspects of Beltrami fields. All of these results also apply to the Coulombic field between two charges. It also generates a rich vacuum structure. Conversely, the vacuum generates a static electric field – which is energy from spacetime. There are other possible solutions such as the ones discussed earlier in notes for UFT359. However this is an elegant solution that preserves the structure of the simple equation g (matter) = g sub F (vacuum)


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