FOR POSTING: LENR Report by AIAS Diector Douglas Lindstrom

This is an important and well written report by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom on this revolutionary new source of energy, which if implemented would replace wind turbines. It has been discussed by Congress in Washington. Doug Lindstrom has contributed greatly to ECE theory and worked on new materials for the Canadian Government. He has visited Craig Cefn Parc for one of the AIAS conferences held here. So I think that all who are interested in new energy should read this report carefully. It is written in an objective, scientific manner and addresses the societal problem of LENR being a revolutionary technology that threatens the income of the wind industry, petroleum, gas and other fossilized cabals. Eisenhower for exmple warned of the military / industrial cabal, despite being a military man himself. Please see the UFT papers on LENR (UFT226 ff.) on the and sites.

Sent: 13/10/2016 21:55:26 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: lenr report

Myron, Horst, Steve

I’ve attached a summary report on the LENR project that I been involved in. The next part of this report will be a fit of the ECE LENR model to the experimental data.

If it is appropriate, feel free to post the report on the web site. It is for public release.

Hope this helps explain a bit of what I’ve been up to for the past few months.

Many thanks



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