First plots for UFT359

Many thanks indeed! These graphics provide a dramatic insight into the meaning of the equations and show that spacetime (or aether or vacuum) is richly structured around a Newtonian gravitational field. The individual and summed velocity fields indeed have a rotational structure and look like Beltrami fields. This is another new insight that only the graphics could have produced. The reason why g is not the same as gF is that g is produced from a weighted combination of individual g components. Ultimately, the justification for this procedure is experimental – the experimental evidence for the Newtonian field. The initial definition of g was a “first guess” definition. It is now possible, having checked the basics, to use computer algebra to work out and graph other aether quantities associated with Newtonan gravitation (and also the Coulomb field). For example the Kambe current, and other developments following the scheme in UFT358 for a whirlpool galaxy. All of these results will hold for the Coulomb field. The state of the art gravitational field is of course the ECE2 field, the structure of ECE2 gravitation, electromagetism and fluid dynamics being identical, a major step forward in physics.

Sent: 13/10/2016 23:11:03 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: First plots

These are the first plots of the vF and g fields for the
gravitational/Coulomb potential. One sees that v1, v2, v3 are vectors in
the respective coordinate plane. vF is the sum and is complicated.
Partially it seems to be cylindrical but in total it reminds me to
Beltrami fields. There are rotations of vectors when we consider them in
any fixed direction. Perhaps we can make an analytic check for the
Beltrami property.
The Newtonian g field is a central field as expected. The sum gF =
g1+g2+g3 looks different. Why is not g=gF?
g was defined differently in eq.(1) of note 359(2). How is this justified?


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