Checking 359(4): Calculation of Vacuum Charges and Vorticities

Many thanks. I went through all my calculations again. There was an error in Eq. (15) of Note 359(1) and I will send over the corrected Notes 359(1) to 359(3). Note 359(4) is unaffected. The graphics will be very interesting indeed.

In a message dated 13/10/2016 11:00:23 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

If I did not make an error, the charge density and vorticity come out more complicated than in the note. Please check.
I will try some 3D vector and scalar plots of the fields by Gnuplot which requires cartesian coordinates, in so far we need not transform the expressions to spherical coordinates (except for reasons of completeness).


Am 12.10.2016 um 15:02 schrieb EMyrone:

The results of my hand calculations are given in this note, and they can be checked by computer and graphed. The three Kambe charges are characteristic vacuum frequencies generated by a Newtonian or Coulombic field. They are related to mass densities as in previous work. The three vacuum vorticities (7) to (9) have an interesting structure, and can be graphed in Cartesian or spherical polar coordinates. They are generated in the vacuum by a Newtonian or Coulombic field. They can be added to give a total vorticity (13), whose divergence vanishes. This total vorticity (3) is the gravitomagnetic field accompanying the Newtonian field.

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