UFT88 Read Again at Cambridge

Staff and students from Cambridge are frequent readers of our famous sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org so they are seeing the light of reason. Cambridge charges £20,000 a year tuition for foreign students, who get their knowledge free from our sites, which will be featured by the copyright libraries as of outstanding merit in science and culture. people from 182 countries study our output and learn from it. So we make knowledge available free for all who wish to learn. Cambridge is currently ranked number four in the world by QS, Shanghai and Times, and number 14 by webometrics. It has an acceptance rate of 21% and was founded in 1209 by people from one of my universities, Oxford. Cambridge is referred to at Oxford as “the other place”, but I always preferred Aberystwyth. I hope that a Bevanite Socialist government will reinstate the grant giving system of the sixties, and get rid of the ridiculous, greed ridden, capitalist fees which mean that only the rich and not so bright can get an education. At present “universities” are degree mills aimed at making a lot of money for frequently out dated and mediocre teaching. Incredibly corrupt activities aimed at making money resulted in major scandals inside the University of Wales, which failed the People of Wales in destroying itself by self seeking greed. It has been cut into pieces and has nothing to do with Wales. It seeks to make money by importing rich foreign students, and in so doing greatly harms the Welsh language. An entirely new Welsh medium university is needed. UFT88 is a famous classic paper that refutes the Einstein theory by use of torsion. It has been studied in all the best places around the world thousands of times without objection. It should be read with UFT99 (and its various proofs), 109, 313 and 354. On 10/10/16 UFT109 (on the Evans torsion identity) was read at Berkeley, which frequently ranks above Cambridge. Staff and students from all the best universities in the world study www.aias.us and www.upitec.org continuously: 24/7/365.25.

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