Discussion Part Two of 359(2)

Fully agreed with Co AIAS President Gareth Evans, the Newtonian and Coulombic fields have been deduced from the fluid dynamics of spacetime (aether or vacuum). No doubt the same type of analysis can be made for the weak and strong nuclear fields (e.g our previous Beltrami analysis in the UFT series). UFT225 completely demolishes the standard model of the weak field. This was sent to CERN and ignored. At the same time, CERN frequently studies our work. UFT225 is heavily studied by other physicists around the world. Neither dark matter nor strange matter exists (the theories are riddled with errors), so the recent Nobel Prize for strange matter is meaningless. The Higgs boson is also meaningless, so is big bang, black holes and so on. Winning a Nobel prize in this ultra dogmatic atmosphere would be like Aneurin Bevan applying to be leader of the tory party. So standard physics is very close to being meaningless, mediaeval dogma. The finding of that dogma is being cut back severely.

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Sent: 11/10/2016 08:59:04 GMT Daylight Time
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Very interesting deductions! A first fully consistent understanding of the gravitational field emerges – and much more because this is a unified field theory with the same conclusions applying at microscopic and macroscopic levels and for all other fields (magnetic and electric, strong and weak nuclear etc as you have been showing). In a nutshell, it was not possible to understand physics very well without unification!!

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