Dscussion of 358(6): The Spacetime Current of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Thanks again, this is an interesting point, I had in mind the dense concentration of stars at the centre of a whirlpool galaxy. This is three dimensional.

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The important result is that the current density is parallel to the velocity field, somewhat plausible for motion of matter. Considering a matter density as in note 358(5), what would happen if rho is restricted to a region around the center, for example a sphere or disk? Can this lead to a qualitatively different gravitational field?


Am 30.09.2016 um 13:55 schrieb EMyrone:

This is given by eq. (7) and is proportional to the spacetime velocity field in the plane of the galaxy. There is a magnetogravitational field in the axis perpendicular to the galactic plane. Therefore fluid gravitation gves a perfectly self consistent explanation of all the major aspects of a whirlpool galaxy, including the hyperbolic spiral orbit of stars, the large mass at the centre, and the velocity curve. This is the result of ECE2 unified field theory, in this case gravitation unified with fluid dynamics.

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