358(7): Tabular Summary of Theory

This is a table summarizing the fluid gravitational theory of the Cotes spiral orbit and the whirlpool galaxy. It is seen that all the main results come out of a constant spacetime angular momentum, related to spacetime torsion. In the Cotes spiral orbit, a mass m is attracted to a mass M and moves inwards along a hyperbolic spiral orbit. In the whirlpool galaxy, a mass m (a star) is repelled from a mass M (the central mass of the galaxy) and moves outward along a hyperbolic orbit. In both cases the velocity curve is such that the orbital linear velocity v becomes constant as r goes to infinity. This is precisely what is observed experimentally in a whirlpool galaxy. In the Cotes spiral the mass m starts with a constant velocity a long way from M, and spirals into M with essentially infinite velocity. In the whirlpool galaxy the mass m (a star) is ejected from the central mass of the galaxy with a very high velocity, which gradually becomes constant as the outer arm of the spiral of stars is reached. Clearly, this motion is neither Newtonian nor Einsteinian (see “Principles of ECE”, open source on www.aias.us and “New Generation”, in press). It is explained elegantly by the new theory of fluid gravitation. Finally the spacetime current is the same for the Cotes spiral and the whirlpool galaxy if it is assumed that partial g sub F / partial t = 0. I will proceed to write up UFT358 in co authorship with Horst Eckardt and Russell Davies.


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