Readings of “Principles of ECE”

For September 2016 up to 29/9/16 the monograph was read at a rate of 3,524 times a year (280 times from 1 to 29 / 9 / 16). Advanced monographs sell about 200 copies on average during the entire lifetime of the book when it is still in print, sometimes much less. So the monograph has been read over 10,500 times even before it went to press yesterday. It is available in eleven files on and PECE (85); UFT281 (40); UFT283(31); UFT284(18); UFT288(18); UFT287(17); UFT350(Sp) (20); UFT282(13); UFT285(13); UFT286(11); Zipped file(10), total of 280 readings in 29 days. From this analysis it can be seen that the most popular chapter is chapter 1, introducing the geometry. My most successful monograph is “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, which has sold several thousand volumes from 1992 to 2016. So “Principles of ECE” has already overtaken that total before it has gone to press. This is part of the phenomenal interest in and worldwide. Both sites will be archived on and and will leave a permanent legacy of new thought which goes well beyond the obsolete standard model of physics. The quality of readership cannot be higher, regularly including as it does the top twenty universities in the world for almost fourteen years. The scientometrics show exactly how any item is being received.


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