358(5) : Characteristics of the Whirlpool Galaxy from Fluid Gravitation

In this note it is shown that all the main characteristics of the whirlpool galaxy are given straightforwardly and self consistently by the new subject of fluid gravitation, in which spacetime or the vacuum or aether is considered to be a fluid ad described in the intensely studied UFT349, 351 -353, 356 and 357. The galaxy is given by a constant spacetime angular momentum as in note 358(4), and the divergenceless velocity field (1) of spacetime. The scalar potential or enthalpy of spacetime is given by Eq. (8). and the gravitational field between star and the centre of the galaxy by the inverse cubed law (9) which leads to the hyperbolic spiral (18) and the correct velocity curve (22). The spacetime charge needed for the whirlpool galaxy is given by Eq. (11). This gives the mass density (12) which goes to infinity for small r sub F near the centre of the galaxy. There is a very large mass density near the centre of the galaxy. The spacetime potential or enthalpy of the galaxy is given by Eq. (15), and also becomes very large for small r sub F. So ECE2 unified field theory unifies fluid dynamics and gravitation to give precisely self consistent results. Fluid electrodynamics unifies electrodynamics and fluid dynamics.


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