UFT88 Read at Boston University

Boston University was founded in 1839 as the Biblical Institute in Vermont, of Methodist persuasion, and was chartered in Boston in 1869. It is now interdenominational. It has an acceptance rate of 29% and 32,551 students. It is associated with seven Nobel Laureates, 23 Pullitzer Prize winners, and with MacArthur, Sloan and Guggenheim Fellowship holders. It is ranked 51 in the world by Webometrics, 64 by Times, 75 by Shanghai and 89 by QS. UFT88 is the famous paper that refutes Einsteinian general relativity with torsion, and has been read in essentially all the world’s top universities in the past two years or so. It should be read with UFT99 (and the collected proofs based on UFT99), UFT109, UFT313 and UFT354. These papers show that torsion can never vanish without curvature also vanishing. UFT354 is already very well read and shows that torsion completely changes the relation between the connection and the metric. The torsionless Einstein theory is now known to be riddled with errors and inconsistencies and has been replaced by ECE2.

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