Main achievements in Science

These are summarized as attached. Lately these are achievements of the AIAS / UPITEC group as a whole, and co workers from 1971 to present must always be given full credit. The group is led from Craig Cefn Parc in Mawr. It is impossible to select a few highlights because I hold the world record for number of publications in physics or chemistry, about two thousand to date (excluding about 25,000 blog postings). The main achievement is to break down the censorship of new ideas, an entirely new system of physics publication has been developed, resulting in an unprecedented worldwide impact. On the purely scientific level, (always the one with which I am most at home) a list chosen almost at random is as follows, with indications that nearly all items are high up in ranking on google. This indicates a huge impact, often out impacting wikipedia. I use reasonably broad ranging google keywords. The following list is in chronological order

1) Far infra red memory functions: Site one first page of google out of 782,000 sites, the seventies paper by Gareth Evans and myself.
2) Delta Project Plans EMLG: page one of google out of 798,000 sites.
3) Field applied computer simulation: page one of google out of 3,100,000 results.
4) Evans Pelkie animation: several sites on page one of google.
5) B(3) field: (nominated several times for a Nobel Prize according to information received), Sites 1 and 2 out of 1,420,000,000 sites (over 1.4 billion sites).
6) Evans Vigier field: several on the first page of google out of 66,800 sites. JPV is on wikipedia, and his first book reference is “The Enigmatic Photon”.
7) Unification of gravitation and electromagnetism: page two.
8) Unification of gravitation and quantum mechanics through a generally covariant wave equation and field equations, high up on pages one and two.
9) First derivation of the Gauss law of magnetism and Faraday law of induction from geometry, UFT25, a hugely popular paper.
10) Explanation of the Faraday disk generator with geometry, UFT43, also a hugely popular paper.
11) Spacetime torsion: page 2 out of 166,000 sites.
12) Generally covariant quantum mechanics: site two first page of google.
13) Force equation of quantum mechanics: UFT177.
14) Quantum Hamilton equations: UFT175, first page of google. This paper also refutes the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
15) Evans torsion identity, page one of google.
16) Refutation Einstein torsion: first site, first page of google. The Einstein theory is by now completely obsolete.
17) Jacobi identity torsion, first four sites on page one of google out of 64,100.
18) Spin connection resonance: many sites on the first google pages.
19) Fermion equation: page two of google.
20) Evans / Morris effects: many sites on first pages of google.
21) Fluid electrodynamics: fourth site first page of google.
22) Velocity curve whirlpool galaxy, first three sites first page of google.
23) ECE2 Theory: First eight sites first page of google.

So all aspects of the work of my co authors and myself have been hugely successful from 1971 to present. The staff of AIAS and UPITEC have made a historic impact, and without this fully international cooperation, little could have been achieved.


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