Material electric field influence on the fluid electric field

It would be especially interesting if an experimental method could be devised for testing various analytical models of the fluid dynamic spacetime. These are all excellent ideas by Russ and Horst.

Sent: 08/09/2016 09:25:06 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Material electric field influence on the fluid electric field

the diagrams did not arrive, could you send them in an extra attachment?
In principle your approach looks good. A more basic approach could be to define an aether velocity field v analytically instead of E_f directly and then compute E_f from

E_f = (v del) v.

Also an aether-induced charge density

rho = x div(E_f)

could be interesting. I am currently evaluating some examples for paper 356. Since we will have a lot of material we could think about writing an extra paper on this subject. This week I have not much time, I will look into this next week in more detail.


Am 08.09.2016 um 01:44 schrieb Russell Davis:


I suppose one way to look at this would be to take the negative gradient of the material voltage function for an assumed E_f to get E.

For the few cases already investigated (Wolfram results):

E_f = 1 , solution has the form for phi = e^x

E = -(d/dx) e^x = -e^x

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