Daily Report 5/9/16

The equivalent of 197,708 printed pages was downloaded during the day (545.834 megabytes) from 676 distinct visits each averaging 3.6 memory pages and 12 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 50.99 for the day, main spiders cnsat(China), google, MSN and yahoo. Top ten 382, Collected ECE2 220, Collected Evans / Morris 165, F3(Sp) 128, Collected scientometrics 115, Barddoniaeth / Collected poetry 53, Principles of ECE 47, Autobiography volumes one and two 46, Collected proofs 39, UFT88 25, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 23, Evans Equations 22, PECE 20, Engineering Model 19, CEFE 17, List of prolific authors 7, Llais 6, UFT321 6, UFT311 4, Lindstrom Idaho lecture 4, Three world records by MWE 2 (est), UFT313 8, UFT314 7, UFT315 4, UFT316 4, UFT317 6, UFT318 7, UFT319 10, UFT320 4, UFT322 8, UFT323 5, UFT324 9, UFT325 9, UFT326 5, UFT327 6, UFT328 5, UFT329 1, UFT330 5, UFT331 4, UFT332 2, UFT333 3, UFT334 6, UFT335 3, UFT336 3, UFT337 2, UFT338 2, UFT339 2, UFT340 2, UFT341 1, UFT342 3, UFT343 2, UFT344 6, UFT345 6, UFT346 2, UFT347 8, UFT348 6, UFT349 4, UFT351 5, UFT352 9, UFT353 8, UFT354 13, UFT355 14 to date in September 2016. IParadigms California ECE Article; Bosch Company Germany UFT140(Sp); Institute for Nuclear Physics University of Mainz UFT85; electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Michigan Fundamental errors in the Einstein field equation; Ecole Polytechnique Paris UFT213, UFT354; Bhabha Atomic Research Centre India AIAS Fellows; University of Oslo Norway Proof One, PECE, home page, my page; University of Tromso Norway My Page; Institute of High Energy Physics Moscow UFT355, home page, Proof 1, Proof 2; University of Warwick Home page, UFT355, extensive. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2016.


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