Plans for UFT357

An experimental test of the theory of UFT356 will be proposed, using the radiative corrections and starting with the anomalous g factor of the electron along the lines of UFT85 and the Eckardt Lindstrom papers UFT292 to UFT299. In fluid electrodynamics, the potentials and fields of any material induce potentials and fields of fluid dynamics in spacetime (or aether or vacuum). The spacetime potentials and fields induce measurable phenomena in circuits and materials, as in UFT311, and also cause the radiative corrections such as the Lamb shift, anomalous g factors of the electron, proton and neutron, the Casimir effect and so on. If advanced software is developed to solve the necessary equations, the boundary conditions could be modelled by the structure of the Osamu Ide circuit. Spacetime fluid dynamical quantities should also affect gravitation.

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