Daily Report 2/9/16 Part 2

UFT313 4, UFT314 4, UFT315 1, UFT316, UFT317 3, UFT318 2, UFT319 4, UFT320 1, UFT322 5, UFT323 4, UFT324 5, UFT325 4, UFT326 2, UFT327 3, UFT328 2, UFT329 5, UFT330 1, UFT331 2, UFT332 1, UFT333 1, UFT334 3, UFT337 1, UFT338 1, UFT339 1, UFT341 1, UFT342 2, UFT344 1, UFT345 3, UFT346 3, UFT347 5, UFT348 3, UFT349 4, UFT351 4, UFT352 5, UFT353 3, UFT354 6, UFT355 6 to date in September 2016. City of Winnipeg Home page; Juan Carlos III University Spain general; Institute for Plasma Research India UFT2; Institute of High Energy Physics Moscow Potential Waves. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2016


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