Award Winning Evans / Pelkie Animation on youtube

Google “youtube Evans / Pelkie animation” to find the award winning Evans / Pelkie animation kindly set up by AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson. It was the first supercomputer animation of my original field applied computer simulation method, originated in about 1978 or 1979 at the EDCL in Aberystwyth for an electric field (see Omnia Opera). It correctly resulted in the Langevin functions, giving great international confidence in computer simulation. The animation shows that my code worked perfectly. It was double precision FORTRAN which I prepared as full professor in the Clementi environment of IBM Kingston, New Yrok. in late 1986 from single precision CDC 7600 code ported on a magnetic tape to IBM from UW Swansea. The code is all on and is archived on the Wayback Machine ( and from the National Library of Wales at the British Library ( My field applied computer simulation method was based on SERC CCP5 code of the British Government originally developed by the distinguished Konrad Singer group at Royal Holloway College, University of London, which kindly appointed me an Honorary Fellow. The entire British chemical physics scene of that era was appalled at what went on at the EDCL in Aberystwyth, so were European and international colleagues. Jeremy Jones destroyed years of international effort, having been ordered to do so in crude godfather retaliation by Howard Purnell. I exposed Purnell’s corrupt methods of appointment, refusing to become involved with the systematic academic corruption of that era. In retaliation I was locked out of the University of Wales for life but still hold a distinction higher than full professor, the Scientiae Doctor degree earned in 1977 / 1978. I am the youngest by about a decade to be awarded the D. Sc. under modern rules. I did my best work (2003 to present) from this coal miner’s house, where I was born on May 26th 1950. My animations on the IBM 3084 and 3090-6S at IBM Kingston were among the earliest computer animations ever made. I have them on cassette here and we can attempt to post them on The animations at Cornell Theory Center were by Chris Pekie, using my code. The animation took six months to make, and was nearly lost when Michael Jackson found that it had disappeared. Fortunately Chris Pelkie had kept a copy. It was on the then new B(3) field, later nominated a few times for a Nobel Prize, so I am reliably informed. It developed into the famous ECE theory. Drastic reform is needed of the academic system. The University of Wales collapsed in 2010 among corruption and scandal, and was cut up illegally into internationally insignificant segments that call themselves universities, but are in reality the colleges of the Federal University of Wales, founded at the National Eisteddfod in 1893 – The People’s University based on the U. S. Constitution of 1776. The ideal of a University of Wales, in the Welsh language, must be revived – the People is Supreme Authority.

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