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OK many thanks, the basic mechanism is worked out as you know by a combination of the Beer Lambert law and the Planck law. Yo may like to digitise a chlorophyl spectrum in cooperation with Horst and use the resulting alpha(omega) function in the theory. I decided to keep this message off the blog because any mention of Santilli might attract severe written abuse from Fucilla. The authorities are too weak to be able to deal with trolling effectively. I would suggest a very simple experiment, tune a microwave source to any absorption frequency of the spectrum of a diatomic molecule and observe the frequency when it emerges from the sample. If there is a frequency change it ought to be governed by UFT308. If there is no frequency change the quantum theory is refuted.

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I totally agree. You can see the red shift in plants from space. No one can argue with Nature.

There is a high pressure dominating weather over the UK at the moment. If you still have your camera Myron, you could photograph the sunsets. You will see the sun and surrounding atmosphere change from cream, to shades of yellow and then to bright red as the sun sets. I’ve attached some consecutive photos taken last night. The sunset was actually much more spectacular than these photos show with the sun a blazing red by the fourth photo and until it set (the photos are over exposed with my camera and do not fully show this). The sun and sky redden as sunlight travels through a longer pathlength of the atmosphere at sunset. There are some great sunset photos on the internet showing the complete spectrum of visible colours. This is the origin of the cosmological red shift. It does not involve any relative motion.
You are unravelling the full consequences of this.

Santilli fully deserves recognition and likewise Bob Fosbury for his spectra. Even NASA have provided supporting evidence in their photographs taken from space.

You can argue against theories but not with observations (particularly when they come direct from nature).

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