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A few days ago, I sent you an email regarding your current status as an active Wealth Daily member.

I didn’t hear back from you, so I’m assuming one of two things happened:

Either you didn’t get the email I sent you or you simply never got around to opening it. Because quite frankly, I was expecting to hear back from you.

You see, you’ve been a Wealth Daily reader for quite some time. And by now, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of promotions for our premium newsletter, The Wealth Advisory, by Brit Ryle. It’s actually one of our most popular services at Angel Publishing.

You passed on the chance to get a piece of one of the largest leasing companies on the planet.

You didn’t act when we wanted to share with you our favorite “cheap” biotech stock — when it was still cheap. Before it soared 112% inside of 6 months.

You ignored the opportunity to cash in on three of the top performing REITs of 2013.

You sat on the sidelines as Wealth Advisory readers who followed our recommendations saw gains like:

  • 127% on Boeing Company
  • 80.66% on Bank of America
  • 36.37% on Medical Properties Trust
  • 70.9% on Starbucks
  • 77.6% on the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF
  • 36.2% on Pfizer, Inc.
  • 134.9% on Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.

And we’re still riding 12 double-digit winners that just keep on giving.

We’ve racked our brains, talked to Brit, and even called meetings with our marketing and Customer Service departments — and we still can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want to be part of this.

It must be the price.

It has to be!

Until now, the lowest price we’ve offered for the Wealth Advisory is $49. That’s more than 70% off the retail price. But still, you’ve let this incredible opportunity pass you by.

So we’ve decided to give you one last chance…

For a limited time, we’re offering you a special discount good for an additional $20 off our lowest price.

That means you can get a full year of the Wealth Advisory — including access to our entire portfolio of investment recommendations, in-depth monthly briefings, and continuous portfolio and market updates — for just $29.

That’s more than 70% off the regular price.

We’ve never offered the Wealth Advisory for this low price before — and we may never again.

But I want you to see exactly what you’ve been missing out on…

Just $29 for all Brit’s expert recommendations, his best special reports and investment opportunities, and access to every pick in his portfolio.

In addition, you’ll get all his Special Reports:

  • Wealth Advisory Report #1: “The Tax-Free Millionaire: Tax-Free Income from America’s Oil & Gas Boom”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #2: “Best Dividend Growth Stocks for the Next 10 Years”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #3: “Wal-Lord: The Ultimate REIT”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #4: “The $4.8 Trillion Health Care Superboom: 3 Stocks You Can Ride to Generations of Lasting Wealth”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #5: “’Drive-Thru’ Dividends”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #6: “American Oil & Gas Royalty Checks”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #7: “TWA Shale Gas Map”
  • Wealth Advisory Report #8: “Retirement Jackpot: The Best Private Equity Deals Around”

To have access to these reports immediately — including “Retirement Jackpot: The Best Private Equity Deals Around,” which is still being sold elsewhere for full price — all I ask in return is that you take a no-risk trial subscription to the Wealth Advisory.

Sign up now. We’re certain you could make over 100 times the purchase price in the first six months alone.

But I simply can’t afford to offer this forever, or to everyone.

Your special discount is only good for the next 24 hours. That’s it.

So if you’ve looked at our promotions in the past and thought, “maybe later” — now is the time to act.

You’ll never have a better opportunity…

Go here to claim your discount now.


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Jeff Siegel
Managing Editor, Wealth Daily

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