Difference between Paschen Back Effect and the New Effect

The Paschen Back effect is obtained from a different hamiltonian, eq. (1) of note 248(6), which reduces to eq. (6). The new effect is obtained from the hamiltonain (4) of note 249(3). So we have:

1) Paschen Back Effect
H = – (e / (2m)) sigma dot B

2) New Effect
H = (e / (4m)) sigma dot B sigma dot L

and is much richer in structure.

In a message dated 21/09/2013 14:37:56 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

This is an interesting result. The effect is a kind of Zeeman splitting of states with spin-orbit splitting. I guess that this is a quite normal effect in electronic spectra of heavy atoms. In light atoms the spin-orbit splitting is small and the L quantum numbers are used for the Zeeman effect. The J quantum numbers have to be used for heavy atoms which is denoted as Paschen-Back effect. I am not sure if the new type of coupling is nothing else than the Paschen-Back effect.


Am 21.09.2013 14:28, schrieb EMyrone

This note gives a new ESR, NMR and MRI by careful consideration of terms hitherto unnoticed in the fermion hamiltonian, in this case the same as the Dirac hamiltonian (eq. (1)). As can be seen from Eq. (16) the new hamiltonian is a combination of spin orbit interaction of a new type with magnetic field interaction of a new type. So any conventional FTESR or FTNMR or MRI spectrometer can be used to look for it. Electron resonance occurs at the frequency given by eq. (21) for simple atoms, in which the J, L and S quantum numbers appear. This opens up a new subject area in analytical chemistry, chemical physics and medicine, so will be reported in UFT249. The starting hamiltonian is the simple Eq. (5). Of course ESR, NMR and MRI are very greatly developed subjects, to which computational quantum chemistry packages are applied routinely, using fully computerized instruments. This is the very simplest type of theory, simplest meaning the most powerful.

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